The Garbage Can

The “Garbage Can” performance is based on the interaction of Kulisek with the audience. The viewers watch the nonverbal slapstick on the stage and are drawn into the action without hardly realizing it. In this program, Vladimir Kulisek plays a comic but poetic series of situations from something essentially tragic – an ordinary day in the life of a homeless who lives in the old garbage can. He shows you how to use ordinary things unusually, how to change an ordinary garbage can into a spaceship, a car, or a ship. Without a single word, he can uncover with humor the inner world and feelings of a man who is socially condemned to live on the fringes of society. He does not avoid the negative phenomenon that accompanies the situation (alcoholism, etc.). Kulisek and Martinek brew up spontaneous improvisations and surprising situations. The mime and the musician have to react with great creativity to the sudden stimuli and ideas of the audience. A lot of repeat performances testifies that the performance is a success and that communication with the audience improves with every show.
This performance is a unique experience in an age when viewers usually only passively watch a television screen from their armchairs.
Maybe because of this it is often assessed to be one of each year’s best school performances.