A supermarket is a place where we go buy things and we often spent lots of our free time there. New shopping centers are constantly being build all the time and nobody knows if this will ever stop. This fake world of “products” creates an inseparable component in our lives. How was it before it all began? Not many of us can remember…
This show Supermarket has one main prop using a shopping cart on wheels, which we use at the shop. What other things could you use it for? The colorful storyline combines dreams and reality where fantasy has no limits. The mood of the show is very funny even without words but very different from the one at a real supermarket with lots of people. Every time this show is played it feels like a new premiere for both the mime and the musician. And what about the Audience? They will, of course, help the mime develop his crazy ideas. And 
this all happens with a little fun twist.